blonded RADIO Tracklists, Skits, and Interviews


blonded RADIO is aired on Beats 1 and first premiered on February 24th with currently 007 episodes (as of August 27th, 2017).

The hosts of the show are Vegyn, Roof Access, and Federico Aliprandi.

  • Vegyn, real name Joe Thornalley, is a London-based producer and founder of the PLZ Make It Ruins label. He contributed production to six tracks on Frank Ocean’s ENDLESS visual album and three tracks on Ocean’s Blonde album. As a solo artist, Vegyn released the Janhui EP in 2015 and the 8-song project All Bad Things Have Ended – Your Lunch Included. in 2014.

  • Roof Access is a London DJ and associate of Vegyn. Together, they hosted the CA$H Only show on Radar Radio. He has also done mixes for London’s Balamii online radio station.

  • Federico Aliprandi is an Italian car enthusiast and blogger behind definemotorsports and Vettura Sekai. His car analysis was featured in Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry magazine and the first episode of blonded Radio featured a skit with Federico talking about driving a suped-up Rolls-Royce.