The Gods We Can Touch


The Gods We Can Touch is AURORA’s third studio album.

On October 6, 2021, the album showed up on the lossless streaming service Qobuz, revealing its title, artwork and full tracklist.

AURORA revealed the album’s release date on an Instagram post on October 14, 2021, besides providing a hyperlink to the pre-order on her Instagram bio. The date was postponed to two weeks later than originally planned.

Five singles were released for the project: “Exist for Love” on May 14, 2020, “Cure for Me” on July 7, 2021, “Giving In to the Love” on October 14, 2021, and “Heathens” on December 3, 2021, along with “A Dangerous Thing” and “Everything Matters” as a double single on January 7, 2022.

Song Credits

Featuring: Pomme
Producers: Askjell , AURORA , Jamie Hartman , Magnus Skylstad , Martin Sjølie , Matias Tellez
Writers: Askjell , AURORA , Fredrik Svabø , Glen Roberts , Jamie Hartman , Magnus Skylstad , Martin Sjølie , Matias Tellez , Odd Martin , Pomme
Acoustic Guitar: Fredrik Svabø , Glen Roberts , Magnus Skylstad , Vegard Børdal
Bandoneon: Per Arne Glorivgen
Baritone Guitar: Magnus Skylstad
Bass: Magnus Skylstad , Martin Sjølie
Cello: Maddie Cutter
Co-Producer: Askjell , Magnus Skylstad
Composer: Askjell , AURORA , Fredrik Svabø , Glen Roberts , Magnus Skylstad , Matias Tellez
Drum: Magnus Skylstad
Drum Machine: Alexander von Mehren
Drum Programmer: Magnus Skylstad
Drums: Askjell , Magnus Skylstad , Martin Sjølie
Electric Guitar: Kristian Fanavoll Tvedt , Martin Sjølie , Vegard Børdal
Engineer: Magnus Skylstad
Guitar: Fredrik Svabø , Matias Tellez , Odd Martin
Label: Decca Records , Glassnote Records
Mastering Engineer: Alex Wharton , Robin Schmidt
Mixing Engineer: Josh Gudwin , Magnus Skylstad
Music Producer: Magnus Skylstad
Organ: AURORA , Magnus Skylstad
Percussion: AURORA , Glen Roberts , Magnus Skylstad , Odd Martin
Piano: Askjell , AURORA , Magnus Skylstad
Programmer: Magnus Skylstad
Recording Engineer: Magnus Skylstad
String Arranger: Isobel Waller-Bridge
Strings: Askjell , Magnus Skylstad
Studio Personnel: Alex Wharton , Josh Gudwin , Magnus Skylstad
Synth Bass: AURORA , Magnus Skylstad
Synth Pads: Magnus Skylstad
Synthesizer: AURORA , Magnus Skylstad , Matias Tellez
Theremin: Magnus Skylstad
Viola: Galya Bisengalieva
Violin: Galya Bisengalieva
Vocals: AURORA , Pomme