Planet Zero


While the album itself follows the journey of an AI through planetary exploration, Planet Zero was a term used by the drummer, Barry Kerch to describe the United States. The album was delayed until July due to production constraints related to physical media.

According to Zach Myers:

Planet Zero isn’t another planet

Planet Zero is a warning of THIS Planet becoming Planet Zero if we keep
Going the rate we are

It’s easy and blatantly obvious for any musician/artist/creator to claim whatever their newest thing is as their favorite album or work …..I can say today.. right now. This is my favorite collection of songs on a record this band has put forth

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you listen to this album for way more than face value … I hope you dive into lyrically what it’s saying

This album is certainly one of a kind

It didn’t start out as a concept album
But ended up being exactly that

This album is Anti Tastemaker
This album is Anti one sided authoritarianism
This album is Anti Racism
This album is Anti Cancel Culture
This album is Anti Facism (by its ACTUAL definition)

This album is Anti One sided opinions
This album is Anti Bullshit no matter who is spewing it ….

This is Planet Zero…. This is a Warning

Song Credits

Producers: Dave Bassett , Eric Bass
Writers: Blair Daly , Brent Smith , Dave Bassett , Eric Bass , Zach Myers , Zac Maloy
Additional Engineer: Dave Bassett
Additional Production: Dave Bassett
Assistant Engineer: Eric Wayne Rickert
Bass: Eric Bass
Bass Technician: Jeremy “HooGie” Donais
Drum Technician: Mike Fasano
Drums: Barry Kerch
Engineer: Doug McKean , Eric Bass
Guitar: Zach Myers
Guitar Technician: Jeremy “HooGie” Donais
Label: Atlantic Records
Masterer: Ted Jensen
Mixer: Eric Bass
Video Designer: 351studio
Video Producer: 351studio