Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies returns today with the release of his sophomore album, Unbothered. The 14-track project features Lil Durk and Wiz Khalifa, and includes recent singles like “Havin My Way,” “Riot,” and “On Sight.”

I just hope people take away from my album—just from me in general—is to just chase your dreams, and don’t let nobody tell you what to do.“ he told Complexundefinedundefined in a recent interview. "I’m learning that still myself. I got a lot of people around me in my life tellin' me what I should do, what I shouldn’t do… Do what you love, man. Life is too short.”

Check out all the lyrics to Lil Skies' 'Unbothered' below:

“Fade Away”“Take 5”“Excite Me”undefinedundefined feat. Wiz Khalifa“Havin My Way”undefinedundefined feat. Lil Durk“OK”“Dead Broke”“On Sight”“Think Deep Don’t Sink”“Red Wine & Jodeci”“Locked Up”“Trust Nobody”“Riot”“Sky High”“Mhmmm”

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