Cardi B is on the cover of Interviewundefined magazine chatting with Mariah Carey about their respective careers. During the conversation, Carey asked Cardi if her upcoming sophomore album will include a track similar to the Invasion of Privacy single “Be Careful.” Cardi confirmed there would be a song in the same vein as the triple-Platinum hit, but will delve even deeper into her life.

“I do have a song like ‘Be Careful,’ but I think it’s more personal,” said Cardi. “People were saying, ‘You need to be softer. You need to talk more about yourself.’ And I was telling them that it’s really hard for me to do love records and express myself like that because I never do that. I don’t talk about love and sh-t.”

On “Be Careful,” Cardi warned her cheating partner to change his ways. The song was released after Cardi’s relationship with then-fiancé Offset was beset with cheating rumors, leading fans to speculate the song was about him. However, Cardi later claimed the song pre-dated her relationship with the Migos rapper. The song peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cardi once again expressed trepidation about her upcoming album.

“I feel like I’m missing some songs,” said Cardi, who has made similar claims in previous interviews. “Everybody’s rushing me to put it out, but I don’t know if it’s the right time.”

She added that she especially feels the pressure because she’s a woman and because her first album was such a huge success.

“People always have crazy expectations, especially when it comes to female rap,” said Cardi. “It’s not like it’s a competition, but people are always comparing and comparing and comparing. It’s almost like they want to see you fail. I hate the feeling when I don’t do something really good. So I want my sh-t to be good because my last album did so well, and if this one doesn’t do well, I’m going to feel really sad.”

Carey chimed in with some sage advice, noting her second album was a success but not as big as her debut, but she “just kept going and doing different stuff.”

Cardi’s next album does not have a released date but is expected to come out this year.

Read the full conversation between Cardi B and Mariah Carey here.

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