Bo Burnham released Inside, his first comedy special in five years, via Netflix on May 30, bringing back his trademark musical and visual comedy style for a new era of his career. The songs, which are set to release on streaming services this week, find Burnham exploring topics like the effects of technology and social media, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, and Burnham’s own mental health journey.

Inside represents Burnham’s return to stand-up for the first time since 2016’s Make Happy, where he announced an indefinite hiatus from performing due to anxiety issues. That, too, is addressed on Inside, which he filmed over the course of a year during the pandemic lockdowns. Fans have particularly gravitated towards “Welcome to the Internet,” which has earned over 100,000 pageviews on Genius within just a few days.

Check out all the lyrics to the songs from Bo Burnham's 'Inside' below:

  1. “Content”
  2. “Comedy”
  3. “FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight)”
  4. “How the World Works”
  5. “White Woman’s Instagram”
  6. “Unpaid Intern”
  7. “Bezos I”
  8. “Sexting”
  9. “Look Who’s Inside Again”
  10. “Problematic”
  11. “30”
  12. “Don’t Wanna Know”
  13. “Sh-t”
  14. “All Time Low”
  15. “Welcome to the Internet”
  16. “Bezos II”
  17. “Funny Feeling”
  18. “All Eyes on Me”
  19. “Goodbye”
  20. “Any Day Now”

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