Sometimes, you feel spicy. Other times, you feel sweet. And then there are the days when you’re stuck somewhere in between, trying to figure out which set of emotions is going to win the day. Regardless of your mood, Jack in the Box has your back with a menu that includes Spicy Chicken Strips and French Toast Sticks. Similarly, we here at Genius have you covered with a brand-new ‘Sweet & Spicy’ playlist that’s guaranteed to have you grooving regardless of your mindset.

Our ‘Sweet & Spicy’ playlist features heavy hitters like The Weeknd, Drake, Cardi B, and Bad Bunny, as well as relative newcomers such as Brent Faiyaz, Steve Lacy, and Armani White. We open with a spicy track and then alternate between the two vibes, ensuring a perfect mix of tender love songs and brash turn-up jams.

Play these 20 tracks loud and let them amplify whatever big feels you’ve chosen to embrace.

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