Riley Parker


Instagram: rileyparkermusic

Riley Parker is a Tech/Electronic artist on Soundcloud and YouTube. His primary inspirations to start creating music was mostly James Blake, but also Disclosure, Sam Smith, and SBTRKT.

Riley Parker has created ‘Trumpet Noises In The Sky’ EP, but was not proud of it, therefor he considered it “Not canon to his music career”. PRAY EP however, he considers as his first and official EP. PRAY released on January 24th, 2017.

PRAY was a project by Riley Parker which was made to be his first official EP.
Riley was not too happy with Trumpet Noises In The Sky, and less happy that not all the songs took all of his effort.

With PRAY however, even though Riley Parker did not create the sounds, only mashed them together using “Music Maker Jam”, was a lot happier with PRAY because of the various amount of sounds available to him. Trumpet Noises In The Sky felt rushed, and according to Riley, “Could not meet eye to eye with him.” therefor, Trumpet Noises In The Sky would be a left behind project, while PRAY took center stage, as his first official release.

PRAY EP (2017)
Play Bass EP (2017)
A River Exists EP (2017)
Citadel (2018)