Playground Music Scandinavia


Playground Music Scandinavia AB (shortened as Playground Music Scandinavia, Playground Music or PGM) is a Scandinavian record company, label and distributor, founded in 1999.

They operate their own distribution and marketing companies in all Nordic countries with offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland) and Tampere (Finland). The administrative headquarter is based in Malmö, Sweden.

They also have a roster of local artists and they distribute several national and international labels.

Name variations as found on this profile:
- Playground Music Scandinavia
- Playground Music

Parent label: Playground Music Scandinavia AB

Dance Files, Diesel Music, Edel-Mega Records, Heptagon Publishing, Mega Records, National, New Bits & Pieces, Playground, Playground Dance, Playground Music, Playground Music Denmark, Playground Music Oy, Uniform Beat