Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre


Michael Stafford (born 12 July, 1990 in London, England), known professionally as Maverick Sabre, is an English-Irish singer, songwriter, and rapper.

At just age 8, Maverick had already begun to learn how to play guitar and by age 14 he had already gone out to do performances and MCing. He cites his father as one of his main introductions to music.

Maverick began to garner acknowledgment with his debut album, Lonely Are The Brave, in 2012. He then released his sophomore album Innerstanding in 2015. On March 22nd, 2019, he released his third album When I Wake Up.

Maverick works closely with fellow English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith, and the two of them have churned out some of Jorja’s biggest hits including “February 3rd” and “Where Did I Go?”. Jorja made a long awaited appearance on Maverick’s third album in “Slow Down”. The only other time they had ever sung together was on their cowritten hit “Carry Me Home”.