John Denver

John Denver


John Denver was born 1943 in USA and died 1997 from an aircrash at just 53 years old. During his lifetime he became internationally known for his songs about nature and simple life, and released 25+ albums.

Born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., at age 11 he started playing the guitar and a few years later he was perfoming at local clubs. He adopted the name Denver after the state captial of his favourite US state, Colorado. In 1965 he joined The Mitchell Trio, and in 1966 he self-released his first solo album.

Between 1969 and 1975 Denver rose to fame with some of his highest charting albums and songs, including his signature song Take Me Home, Country Roads. It was in the 70s that he began with his activism and humanitarian work, which he continued all into his later years, focusing on environment and peace.

Denver never stopped making music, and at the end of his life and career he had recieved an Emmy, two Grammies, and several other rewards and recognitions. His legacy in folk, country, and even music history itself, lives on.