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First impressions are notoriously important – a fact not lost on singer/songwriter Stalone – who’s ready to show the world that the stars have aligned and it’s her time to shine with the release of her debut EP Uropa.

Stalone has had a passion for artistic expression since her childhood, so naturally her talent caught the attention of Grammy-winning producer Dem Jointz, who produced Uropa along with Focus and Logann.

Inspired by Björk’s Utopia and by Stalone’s own love for space (Europa is an ice water moon that orbits around Jupiter), Uropa is a vibrant and far-expanding sonic experience that perfectly fits its theme. It’s an adventure of styles and sounds set over five tracks, from haunting echoes to smooth melodies, or as Stalone herself put it:

“This project is like a weird dream, like what the music would sound like if Björk had a blunt in her mouth while her and I sit and take shots of Jack at a local bar in our space suits.”