Hailing from Queens, SHIRT is an experimental artist, rapper, and thinker.

Originally going by T.SHIRT, SHIRT claims he spit his first verse at nine. He began rhyming, writing poems to girls at school, painting, and performing spoken word downtown in NY. His love for art and conceptual thinking is very evident in his music, which includes detailed descriptions of artworks through history and artists. His lyrics are known to be extremely raw and personal.

SHIRT is also known for his experimental clothing design, including a hyped “real fake” Nike x adidas collaboration collection. Other art projects of his include faking a New York Times article, shooting a music video through the Louvre, and performing a silent rap verse in the Seagram Building.

In 2018, to promote his album Pure Beauty, SHIRT toured with the rockstar Jack White through Europe. The elusive artist recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from a school in Basel, Switzerland, where he lived for 3 years.