Mysonne was born in the Bronx , New York in the late 1970s . He grew up together with his mother and siblings in the ghetto of New York and was confronted with the problems of the street at a young age. When Mysonne was eleven years old, he lost his father, an event that marked him very much.

Mysonne always tried to stay out of the everyday problems of everyday life (violence, gaits and drugs) by dealing with education and sports. As a teenager, Mysonne often visited the famous Rucker Park and played basketball together with the NBA legends Allen Iverson , Stephon Marbury and Rafer Alston .

While he made a name for himself on the basketball court, Mysonne now began to deal with the Hip Hop culture. He visited Battles and joined, among others, the Hip Hop Sized DMX and Shyne .

Mysonne was now more and more respected in the New York hip hop community. He published a variety of mixtapes and gained more and more attention. There followed some collaborations including the scene size DMX . It was not long before Mysonne was signed into the world-famous Major Label Def Jam . He sat down to the work for his debut album Life Teaches and Reality Bites at this time was also born Mysonnes son.