Buck 65

Buck 65


Buck 65 is a Canadian Hip Hop artist born in Nova Scotia. His music is diverse and alternative, taking in Blues, Americana, Country and Folk genre’s. He is currently signed to Warner Music Canada, and Sage Francis‘ label Strange Famous Records, and is associated heavily with Anticon Records. He’s also part of multiple side projects, most notably Bike For Three!.

Buck has released 14 solo studio albums, with 2003’s Talkin' Honky Blues winning the prestigious Juno Award in 2004. His 2006 single “Devil’s Eyes” also won a Juno award for best song.

In 2015, Buck released a book entitled Wicked and Weird: The Amazing Tales of Buck 65, and during the press run he explained that much of his Buck 65 character was made up, or exaggerated.

In 2016 he is a presented on CBC Music, charing a drive time show.