Mr. Dream


“Mr. Dream surely knows better.

Which they do, of course. We’re talking about Ivy League products with a National Lampoon background and a healthy helping of brand-defining reviews at your older brother’s Pitchfork. [Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam] Moerder, bassist Matt Morello and drummer/producer Nick Sylvester are far too knowledgeable and self-aware to not know what’s happening here. They know what they’re playing and they know what we’re going to hear. The reason this album is such a remarkable feat is because they’ve willingly entered some of the most tired territory in rock over the last decade and still manage to make it sound as fresh and exciting and invigorating as the first time you or anyone else you know heard music like this. The funniest part is how that joke is on us, but I’d expect nothing less from these guys. What the hey, indeed."

–Patrick Masterson, review of Trash Hit by Mr. Dream for Dusted