The Coup

The Coup


Hailing from Oakland, CA, The Coup is a long-running rap group consisting of rapper/lyricist Raymond “Boots” Riley and DJ Pam “The Funkstress” Warren. A second rapper, E-Roc, was a member of the group for its first two albums, but left afterward

While perhaps best-known for a shockingly prescient and ill-timed album cover choice, the group has released some of the smartest, funkiest, funniest, and most politically right-on music in the genre. Great records such as Steal This Album and Party Music revel in P-Funk-inspired tunes, intricately clever rhymes, and enough shout-outs to political heroes to keep a listener in the library for weeks.

Riley is also a member of Street Sweeper Social Club (with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello), but continues to keep The Coup active and funky.

The Coup’s longtime DJ, Pam The Funktress, died on December 22, 2017 from organ failure at the age of 51.