Archie Lee


Archie Lee Tatmon is a rapper from the Northside of Houston. Archie Lee, Lester Roy and Michael Watts formed the group known as Swishahouse in 1998 where they gathered rappers from the Northside to “represent the north” on watts' screw tapes beginning with the “Northside” tape.

When G-Dash came along and helped merge Swishahouse into a legitimate label Archie Lee was the first artist to get a solo album in 2000 “Da Mista Masta”.

Later on around 2002-2003 Archie Lee formed Break Yo Sef Records and also Gorilla Funk Recordz with Lester Roy.

Archie Lee for a short period went by the name “Hollyhood” and struggled with his career but he got back into the game alongside Coota Bang.