Willie the Kid

Willie the Kid


William Jackson, born September 25, 1981 and raised in Chicago, better known by his stage name Willie the Kid, is an American rapper from Michigan.
Willie is also the younger brother of the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate (considered to be the 12th member) and emcee from Grand Rapids, La The Darkman.

In 2006, Willie made an appearance in [Lil Wayne]’s mixtape Dedication 2 and in 2008 in the mixtape Dedication 3 which gave him some recognition.
Being considered a DJ Drama’s protégé, Willie also appeared on the 2007 album Gangsta Grillz: The Album and in the volume 2 of the same album Gangsta Grillz: The Album (Vol. 2) in 2009.

These collaborations are known to be his most notable works.

Through the years, Willie also collaborated with producers like The Alchemist in the album Masterpiece Theatre released in 2013, and V Don in the albums Deutsche Marks and Blue Notes from 2017, and the follow-up for the 2017 album, Deutsche Marks 2 being released in 2020.