Kyle Clow, better known as GRIP, is an Atlanta rapper currently signed under Eminem’s record label, Shady Records.

Growing up in Decatur, Georgia, GRIP “jumped off the porch” by the time he was 13. Kyle got himself into trouble early, being kicked out of university for selling drugs, then enrolled at Dekalb Tech when he got home, only to dropout upon receiving his refund check. This pushed him to take music more seriously, getting inspired by T.I’s 2003 LP Trap Muzik, as well as the likes of André 3000, Nas, and more.

At around eight years old, GRIP would frequent a store, where he would give spare change to a man after his purchases. After a while, said man would call the young Kyle “Big money grip.” The nickname caught on, and as friends began to call him “GRIP,” it would finally be used as his rap name.

In December, 2017, GRIP released his first concept album titled Porch, centering around a boy’s story about being on the porch and life after jumping off.

GRIP’s career took a turn for the better in October, 2019, releasing his second album Snubnose. The album in itself propelled GRIP to new heights as it earned the title of the 19th best hip-hop album of 2019 in a Rolling Stone article. He saw himself touring Europe with Dreamville signed rapper JID, one of GRIP’s schoolmates at high school. This bolstered GRIPs reach worldwide, bringing many new supporters.

It was over a year later when GRIP was signed to Eminem’s record label Shady Records. GRIP had this to say in an interview with Complex:

It was one of those full circle moments because I grew up on Eminem so to have him reach out and let me know how dope my shit is was so cool. Excited to partner with Shady/Interscope and get the music out on a larger platform.

I Died For This!? went on to be GRIP’s first album release under Shady Records, in August, 2021. Despite not having worked directly with the label throughout the album, GRIP recorded his first track with Eminem, “Walkthrough!”