Kidz Bop is a brand made of children aged 9-15 covering popular pop songs while removing inappropriate lyrics to make the songs family-friendly. It is often renowned, and self-labeled, as the “#1 music brand for kids”.

Kidz Bop has expanded internationally since its creation in October 2001. The original band was founded in the USA, however, it has since expanded to a different set of Kidz Bop members in the UK and Germany, and a Spanish-speaking branch based in the USA.
Kidz Bop has an annual tour across the US and the UK.

All covers by Kidz Bop are released on streaming services, also on YouTube as a music video, usually featuring the members miming and dancing to their songs.
Each year, Kidz Bop releases an album of about 40 of their most popular covers released earlier in the year.

On January 15, 2014, their radio station, Kidz Bop Radio, was launched, only playing songs by the band.