Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg


Famously known for being Eminem’s manager and bringing Kendrick Lamar to Dr. Dre’s attention, Paul also occupied throughout time the association role with many artists ranging from Hip Hop artists like Danny Brown, Action Bronson to popular Punk band Blink-182.

Following The Slim Shady LP’s release, Paul had the good idea of co-founding a subsidiary label within Interscope’s reign alongside Eminem by recruiting many artists, of which 50 Cent was notoriously the most successful.

After drug addiction problems and a mediocre entry to the musical portfolio of Shady after the already badly received Encore, the label reconcentrated their efforts on bringing lyricism to the forefront via the Shady 2.0 roster.

The only notable appearance of Paul on the musical scene is through a skit on The Eminem Show and a very distorted and quirky version of him named “Steve Berman” on other albums as well.