Kid Vishis

Kid Vishis


Marcus Montgomery, better known by his stage name Kid Vishis, is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He is the current hype man for fellow Detroit artist and older brother Royce Da 5'9", whose mixtapes and albums he has occasionally been feature on. Royce has also been heavily featured on Vishis' mixtapes, in the Sick' Em series. Vishis is best known for his feature on the official remix of Eminem’s “Detroit Vs Everybody,” alongside other Detroit native artists.

Vishis began writing raps shortly after finishing high school, moving from Detroit to Oak Park early on and then back to the former city simply out of representation. He played basketball often and listened to rap, finding attraction with wanting to become a rapper himself instead of a professional basketball player after he occasionally freestyled with Royce and friends over random instrumentals in their mother’s basement with a old-school radio and microphone combination, beginning a musical career full-force in 2003 when Royce unexpectedly asked him to rap a quick verse for him in the recording studio after hearing from his friends that his younger brother was making rounds while he was occupied, Royce having no idea that he even began professionally rapping and writing his own lyrics. According to Vishis, Royce “liked what he heard for a long story short” and wanted for him to polish his style more. Ultimately, it led to them collaborating more with his very first appearance on “Right Back”, seen on Royce’s 2005 junior album, Independent’s Day.

From there on after being Royce’s hype man for a long period of time, Royce let him freestyle and do a capellas on radio, on camera, and even on spot if it was dire. He generally accompanied Royce when he was all over the world participating for tours.

Vishis released his full-length debut solo album Timing Is Everything through Seven13 Entertainment/Music in 2014, only to release the mixtape The Purge two years later in 2016 and marking him as independent with the creation of his own record label, Sick Em' Records. He has released three mixtapes in his Sick ‘Em series, starting with Sick 'Em, Vol. 1: Vishis Is Me in 2007, Sick ‘Em, Vol. 2: Bar 4 Bar four years later in 2011, and concluding with Sick Em', Vol. 3: I’m Alive! two years later in 2013. The Purge was originally going to be Vol. 4 in the Sick 'Em series, but the title was changed for unknown reasons.