B.G. Knocc Out

B.G. Knocc Out


Al Hasan Naqiyy (born Arlandis Hinton; January 23, 1975), better known by his stage name B.G. Knocc Out, is an American rapper known for collaborating with Eazy-E on the 1993 single “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s”. He is also the younger brother of rapper Dresta, who also collaborated in the song.

Al Hasan Naqiyy was sentenced to ten-twelve years in prison for gang-related attempted murder in 1998. He converted to Islam in prison and was released in August 2006. He later then changed his name to Al Hasan Naqiyy

Since 2009, Al Hasan Naqiyy has released Prince-of-Compton (2009),Eazy-E’s Protege (2011), St. LA (2015), Blocc Boyz (2015),Da New Crip (2017), Features (2017), Uncommom (2017), 1-Up (2017), and 5st Regime Change (2018).

In 2019 he released three singles including Nobody-Move (2019) and Really Do It* (2019)