Deepspace5 is an underground hip-hop collective/supergroup consisting of Beat Rabbi, DJ Dust, DJ Manwell, Freddie Bruno, Listener, Manchild, Playdough, Sev Statik, sintax.the.terrific, and Sivion. Past members include Illtrip and Recon.

The group has seen much success, selling many copies of their records and performing with the likes of MF Doom. The individual members have each built a substantial solo career as well, becoming driving forces in underground and Christian hip-hop.

Deepspace5 first formed in 1997 at an annual Christian hip-hop conference called “Cru-vention.”
The original crew – Listener, Manchild, Recon, Sev Statik, sintax.the.terrific – met each other at the conference and recorded The Beginning, Is the Start of Everything, their debut EP. Shortly thereafter, Manchild and DJ Dust (now recording as the duo Mars ILL) were signed to Uprok records and suggested that another Deepspace5 project be released through the label. This would become The Night We Called It a Day.

Beat Rabbi joined the group after being introduced to Manchild and DJ Dust by Braille (another prominent early Christian rapper) at Cru-vention 2000.

Playdough and Freddie Bruno (who formerly recorded as the rap duo Phonetic Composition) joined in 2001 after collaborating with Mars ILL on their Raw Material album.

Sivion was added to the group during the recording of The Night We Called It a Day.