Cormega a true New Yorker.

There’s a point in life when you realize what you’re destined to do. And if you never reach that realization you’re existing outside of your purpose. I heard rap and was immediately drawn to it. Sha Rock, TLA Rock, Shan, Slick Rick, PE, the list goes on. I wanted to be what they were but as life would have it I had to endure some life lessons before I could share them with you the listener. It’s like I had to go through dualities of all the places I lived and manifest it into who you now know as Cormega.

I became Cormega in Queens Bridge but I was more active in the street than in the studio. I was confident with my skill and up to any challenge but was never given the resources to fully focus on myself. By the time Marley Marl heard me and was ready to do my album I was about to go to jail for a crime I didn’t commit. Between having Marley ready to work with me and seeing my friends make music I was more than ready to take rap serous when I came home. When I came home it was surreal Queens Bridge was on top of the world I had to adjust and live up to expectations. I was signed a year later and trials, tribulations, and politics would affect my debut.

I grew from it and went independent but prior to that I lost interest in the industry. I took a hiatus that ended with a streak of appearances Hi-Tek, Mobb Deep, QB Finest, HNIC. Those appearances inspired me to go Independent. My first two Independent albums were game changers. And life changing for me because it showed me my purpose.

In 2003 I was the first independent artist to win a Source Award. I also received the Impact Honor at the Underground Music Awards for the impact I had in the genre. No award is as rewarding as the loyalty and longevity you fans have given me.

In 2020 I realigned with Nas on Kings Disease and it was an honor to work with him again more importantly to reconnect men who respect each other. That album won a Grammy so I am now a Grammy award winning artist thanks to Nas. The anticipated sequel to The Realness is about to be released and it is one of my proudest moments. The returning producers are Havoc, Alchemist, Sha Money XL, and Big Ty. There are 3 features.