Vents (AUS)

Vents (AUS)


Joseph Lardner, better known as Vents One or simply Vents, is a rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. He has released two albums, with a third in the making.

His first appearance as an MC was on the Funkoars album “Who’s Your Step Daddy”, on the track “Whoremoans”.
He was then signed to Australian hip hop’s biggest label, Obese Records. Being signed to the label, he was invited to perform a guest verse on the Hilltop Hoods track “The Blue Blooded”, in which every MC signed to the label performed eight bars.
He performed another guest verse for the Funkoars (on “The Symphony”) and a guest verse for Pegz, the owner of Obese (on “Dilegent Music”).

Vents' debut solo album, Hard To Kill, was released on Obese in mid 2007. The majority of the album was produced by Trials of the Funkoars.

In late 2008, Vents left Obese to join the Hilltop Hoods' label, Golden Era Records. As part of signing to that label, he performed a guest verse on the Hoods' track “Rent Week”.

In May 2011, Vents returned with his second album, Marked For Death. The album was lead by the single “History Of The World” and solely produced by Trials.

Over the years, the discussion about whether Vents was going to release another album or not grew bigger amongst the Oz hip hop community. He did work on the annual Golden Era Mixtapes from 2011 to 2015 but wasn’t releasing solo music. In March 2017, Vents confirmed that he has a third album in the background by releasing the single “Change”, his first solo song in nearly six years. Shortly after, he released the song “The Bees Are Dying” to keep the anticipation for the album up.