Project Blowed

Project Blowed


Project Blowed is a creative hip-hop collective. Its members, Blowedians, are a giant mash of dancers, DJs, producers, emcees, and singers, many of whom originated from the revered open-mic sessions of The Good Life Health Food Centre (The Good Life Cafe). With groups first, the Blowedian roster includes:

In 1995, the group released its eponymous debut album, putting the collective’s artists together for every one to hear and taking their sound from open-mics to a full-length project.

2005 brought Project Blowed: 10th Anniversary, an album celebrating ten years of Blowedian creativity. By this time, Project Blowed had grown in numbers (with Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle joining the ranks) and most of the artists and groups had made solo names for themselves.

Figures of Speech member Ava “Eve” DuVernay would go on to direct the 2008 documentary, This is the Life, chronicling the West Coast’s hip-hop center in The Good Life Cafe. It features many members of Project Blowed.

Project Blowed member Riddlore? documented an oral history of the group in his 2023 book Born A Villain.