Mac Dre

Mac Dre


Mac Dre was one of the most popular and influential San Francisco Bay Area rappers ever. He epitomized the Bay Area’s “Hyphy movement” and helped popularize its “thizz” subculture. Born Andre Louis Hicks on July 5, 1970 in Oakland, CA, he grew up in Vallejo, CA where he would later rep North Vallejo’s Country Club Crest neighborhood (a.k.a The Crest or Crestside). Despite having little mainstream success, Dre was a star in the Bay Area underground scene, was an extremely clever rapper and entrepreneur, and was generally loved by everyone who knew of him. Mac Dre was shot and killed in Kansas City, MO on November 1, 2004 hours after an altercation that occurred with the crew of Kansas City rapper Fat Tone. Fat Tone, who denied any part in the murder, was later shot and killed in Las Vegas, NV.

If you haven’t heard of him, Mac Dre is likely the best rapper you’ve never heard of. To get an idea of what Dre was all about, check out the documentaries “Ghostride the Whip”, “From the Ground Up” and the “Romper Room” episode of the series “American Gangster”.

Also known as, Mac Drizzle, Mac Dreezy, Mac Drevious, Thizzelle Washington, Mr. Furley, Thizz King, Pill Clinton, Ronald Dregan, The Make it Happen Cap'n…