Coming out of Melbourne’s Frankston, Alasdair David George Murray is an Australian hip-hop recording artist. Illy started as a member of the Crooked Eye association, along with Phrase, Daniel Merriweather, M-Phazes, J Skub and Flagrant.

Illy was signed to Obese Records to release his debut album, Long Story Short, and enjoyed a great deal of success under the label while working with a wide range of Australian MCs, including N'fa, PEZ and Purpose, just to name a few.

He left Obese Records following the release of his third album, Bring it Back, to found his own label, ONETWO Records. Bring it Back would later receive an award for “Best Urban Album”.

Some of Illy’s most commercially popular tracks include “Pictures”, “It Can Wait”, “Heard it All”, “Youngbloods”, “Tightrope”, “Papercuts” and “Catch 22”.