Psycho Drama


PsychoDrama (or Psycho Drama) is a rap group from Chicago, Illinois. They started as a trio consisting of Yung Buk (aka Buk), Psyde FX (aka Psyde), and female rapper NewSense. The success of their underground debut E.P. “Do Whatcha Wanna Do” led to the group (minus NewSense) signing a record deal with Suave House Records and recording “Time vs Life” to be distributed by Universal Records. Suave House eventually lost its distribution deal with Universal in 1999, the album was never released and the group eventually left Suave House Records. NewSense eventually rejoined the group.

Buk formed The Padded Room Recording Company Llc. and released two PsychoDrama greatest hits albums in 2000 and 2005 (consisting of older and unreleased songs as well as the group’s guest appearances on other albums).

Psyde FX formed Psyde FX Entertainment and released in 2001 his own version of the PsychoDrama greatest hits titled “Psyde FX Presents U Asked 4 It”.

Padded Room also released “Time Vs Life The Never Ending Story” in 2003. The “Panic” mixtape was released in 2005, followed by the “Universal Session” mixtape in 2006 while the “Universal Session Reloaded” followed in 2010.