Not only was Cam'ron’s 2004 sophomore Roc-A-Fella release Purple Haze “the album that launched a thousand rap blogs,” it’s also responsible for this very website!

“Killa Cam” was the first song on Genius (then RapGenius, of course). Co-founder Mahbod Moghadam once said:

[T]he purpose of Rap Genius was for us to meet Cam’ron… We wanted to have a Yale Master’s Tea, a snobby event they do at Yale, with Cam'ron to have a good time and introduce Killa to some college girls!

The song, of course, is an exemplary Cam joint, featuring vibrant wordplay, mucho bravado, and extensive pop culture references. The title (and hook) refer to Cam'ron’s longtime nickname, which originated from his time in ‘90s rap group Children of the Corn.

This page and its annotations have even been approved by Cam'ron’s mother: