Put You On Game

Put You On Game

Lupe Fiasco

Interpretation No.1: The five greatest evils

This song introduces, according to Lupe, the five greatest evils known to man. He creatively personifies these evils by giving each of them a voice, making it seem as though they are all competing to see who is the worst.

• Money • Drugs • Capitalism • Gangsters • Guns

Interpretation No.2: The devil inherent in every person

The title, “Put You On Game” and the recurring vocal, “Let me put you on game” is Lupe asking the listener (You) to allow him to explain the basics of ‘the game’. The purpose being that you will awaken from the system and assist humanity in overcoming its inherent susceptibility to evil.

Interpretation No.3: Corrupt world leaders or Illuminati

References to corrupt corporations are weaved throughout this track; “Over priced medicine” and the ruler of , “The oval offices”. The Game is an extremely complicated and well-articulated system which was created by the planets corrupt rulers (Monarchies,Governments, global corporations etc). It is believed by many that these rulers of the world are the ones who are orchestrating things such as world domination at the cost of third world countries and brain washing of their own citizens via the media they control.

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