The sixth track on Red finds Taylor Swift celebrating her early twenties by having some (reckless) fun.

The song was written when Taylor Swift celebrated her 22nd birthday. The hidden message in the album booklet is “Ashley, Dianna, Claire, Selena”. These are the four names of some of her friends: Ashley Avignone, stylist, Dianna Agron, actor known for playing Quinn on Glee, Claire Kislinger, jewelry designer, and Selena Gomez, singer / former Disney star, who celebrated her 22nd birthday with her. In fact, Swift tweeted photos of them dressed as hipsters, and they appear in the music video for this track.

The song is however not only about the birthday celebrations but tells the coming-of-age story where she is changing from a teen to an adult. It tells of the confusing times of being in your 20s – where you are “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”.