Against All Odds

Against All Odds


The final track on The 7 Day Theory, “Against All Odds” is one of the most revealing songs about the East Coast–West Coast war. Unlike “Hit Em Up,” which was a more personal, emotional attack on Biggie and his record label, “Against All Odds” is more significant in terms of the subject matter.

Producer Hurt-M-Badd said the following about the creation of the track:

The day we made that song Tupac said ‘I need a war song. I wanna go to war.’ He gave me an hour then came back and heard the beat, and he wanted me to add that Cameo song bassline [from ‘Skin I’m In’]. Once it was in ‘Pac started snapping, 'This is it!’ He called the Outlawz in and started reciting the hook: ‘This be the realest shit I ever wrote.’ While ‘Pac was doing his vocals he wasn’t just recording his vocals, he was also kicking over the music stand, hitting the microphone. There was a vibe in the room. We all knew what was goin’ on. As [‘Pac] started reciting his lyrics, we was just looking at each other like, 'Uh-oh, here we go again.’

What repercussions 2Pac would have suffered for recording the track will never be known (“Probably be murdered for the shit that I said”) as he was killed before the song was released. Nevertheless, “Against All Odds” remains one of the greatest narratives of the East Coast–West Coast war.