Somebody’s Gotta Die

Somebody’s Gotta Die

The Notorious B.I.G.

On the second Life After Death track, Biggie tells a story of revenge. While asleep at home, B.I.G. is woken up by a friend, Sing, with bad news. Similar to how he was woken up by ‘Pop’ in “Warning.” After finding out their mutual friend has been murdered, the two plan to quickly retaliate against the murderer, Jason. Unfortunately, the story ends in tragedy.

Puffy spoke about the song in an interview with XXL:

It wasn’t [directed at] anybody, it wasn’t a threat, it wasn’t no subliminal underlying message. It was just some lyrics, nothing to do with an East Coast/West Coast thing. He had lyrics like [this] before there were so-called beefs, you know. So a lot of things people started to look for and read into just weren’t there, honestly.

In an interview with Revolt TV, Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Larceny talked about where the idea for “Somebody’s Gotta Die” came from:

B.I.G. was ill with the movies. I remember me and the nigga went to the movies one day to see [The] Usual Suspects. That nigga watched the whole movie, went to Daddy-O’s House, and laid “Somebody’s Gotta Die.” He used to watch movies and come up with the whole fucking song [at the same time.] That’s why his lyrics [tend to be] photogenic, he would watch movies and come up with the whole song. “Somebody’s Gotta Die” was also the first song recorded for the album.