Hope I Don’t Go Back

Hope I Don’t Go Back


That track was brought to me by Ant Banks. Otis and Shug—two great singers [who are brothers] from out of the Bay Area—they got on the record and killed the hook. [The beat] was a playover from Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind, & Fire.

The concept was whatever you doing now, you like what you doing. But whatever you was doing before, you didn’t really like it. So I’m a soil narrator, I speak for the soil. I broadcast live on Magazine Street telling somebody else’s stories, or pretty much telling mine.

Being the narrator, I’m saying if a motherfucker was selling dope back then, he don’t want to go back to selling no damn yayo cause now he’s rapping, or he’s an athlete, or now he’s doing this or that. Like, he’s made a better life for himself. If a motherfucker work at the oil refinery, he don’t want to have to go back to working at the oil refinery. That’s why I named it ‘Hope I Don’t Go Back’.

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