Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love


A rare example of Eminem singing a whole song rather than rapping, he details the difficulties of being in love with a woman that’s almost as crazy as he is.

It’s a matter of some debate who this song is for – he contrasts the subject of the song with Kim as “the wife who never divorced me.” While common readings of it is that it’s about the rap game, or about drugs, Eminem himself stated in a 2004 interview with Vanity Fair that the song draws heavily from his relationship with Kim, but is actually a fantasy of the true love he does not believe he will ever find:

I kind of like to leave it as a mystique thing, but I would say that me and Kim have been to that place before, where we’ve had a relationship like that. We’ve been together off and on, forever. […] The song is technically about… finding my dream girl that I could have this kind of relationship with but probably will never find. […] They say you only find true love once. […] I’ve dated a few famous women and gone that route, thinking that would work, and they end up being crazier than I am.

The hook is sampled from the classic rock hit “Crazy on You” by Heart.