12 Minute Freestyle

12 Minute Freestyle

Bad Meets Evil

Epic freestyle by Eminem and Royce da 5'9", a.k.a. Bad Meets Evil, on The Stretch Armstrong Show. Eminem’s verses can be heard on other freestyles, but Royce’s are pretty rare. Here’s some more info on this freestyle:

By the accounts of those involved, this wasn’t planned. They all got wasted and decided to roll to the studio where Em and Royce grabbed the mics and ripped it; putting on what some critics say is one of the greatest radio freestyles of all time.

“Back when aspiring rappers actually had to prove they had bars to gain acceptance in the hip-hop community (especially if said rapper was a white boy), Bad Meets Evil approached the scene with reckless abandon. For 12 unforgettable minutes on Stretch & Bobbito’s airwaves, the new kids from Detroit proved that they could compete with even the greatest and most established rappers in the game.

Complex Magazine [editor in charge] Noah Callahan-Bever was in the studio for this freestyle (read about his experience below) and rumor has it that both Bad and Evil had indulged in a little bit of ecstasy before jumping on the mic.

With Em playing the comedic role: “Stole your Mama’s Acura/Wrecked it and sold it back to her;” Royce was far more menacing, kicking threats like: “I got cats with bats you wouldn’t play hardball with.” And if you think Game’s a name dropper, Slim Shady called out more celebs than you could count on four hands.

It’s just a shame it took upwards of twelve years for these two to rekindle their working relationship. But it was evident early on that they were poised to do big things

And my bad for the Complex reference.