Daft Punk

Giorgio by Moroder


[Spoken Word: Giorgio Moroder]
When I was fifteen, sixteen, when I really started to play guitar
I definitely wanted to become a musician
It was almost impossible because—it was—the dream was so big
That I didn't see any chance because
I was living in a little town; was studying
And when I finally broke away from school and became a musician
I thought, "Well, now I may have a little bit of a chance"
Because all I really wanted to do is music
And not only play music, but compose music
At that time, in Germany, in '69, '70, they had already discotheques
So, I would take my car, would go to a discotheque
Sing maybe thirty minutes
I think I had about seven, eight songs
I would partially sleep in the car
Because I didn't want to drive home and that helped me for about
Almost two years to survive in the beginning
I wanted to do an album with the sounds of the '50s
The sounds of the '60s, of the '70s
And then have a sound of the future
And I said, "Wait a second, I know the synthesizer
Why don't I use the synthesizer which is the sound of the future?"
And I didn't have any idea what to do
But I knew I needed a click, so we put a click on the 24-track
Which then was synced to the Moog Modular
I knew that could be a sound of the future
But I didn't realize how much the impact would be
My name is Giovanni Giorgio
But everybody calls me Giorgio


[Spoken Word: Giorgio Moroder]
Once you free your mind about a concept of
Harmony and of music being "correct"
You can do whatever you want
So, nobody told me what to do
And there was no preconception of what to do

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About "Giorgio by Moroder"

Daft Punk uses a monologue by famed Italian producer and dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder timed with precision over a new beat to describe their process and the essence, evolution and condition of dance music.

Giorgio by Moroder Track info

Keyboards Daft Punk
Performance Rights ASCAP
Publisher Imagem
Recording Engineer Guillaume Le Braz
Mastering Engineer Antoine Chabert
Label Daft Life
Percussion Quinn
Mastered at Chab Mastering
Concertmaster Assa Drori
Violin Songa Lee-Kitto
Viola Roland Kato
Trumpet Warren Luening
Trombone Charles Morillas
Bass Trombone Craig Gosnell
Orchestration Chris Caswell
Oboe Earl Dumler
French Horn Stephanie O’Keefe
Flute Steve Kajala
English Horn David Kossoff
Contractor Joseph Solido
Conductor Douglas Walter
Bass Clarinet Gene Cipriano
Clarinet Marty Krystall
Cello Vanessa Freebairn-Smith
Bassoon Judith Farmer
Double Bass Drew Dembowski
Voice Giorgio Moroder
Modular Synth Daft Punk
Pedal Steel Greg Leisz
Guitar Paul Jackson, Jr.
Drums Omar Hakim
Bass Nathan East