“Temptations” is the third and final single for 2Pac’s 1995 album, Me Against The World.

Apart from being one of the better known songs from the album, this song is exceptional in demonstrating Pac’s versatile rhyming structure. Producer Easy Mo Bee provided some background on how this track was created:

I went to Rucker Park because at the time he was filming Above the Rim. So I go in the trailer, I had AB Money and J.R with me, I played him one joint that I had already made and that track ended up being “Temptations.” I had took “Computer Love” and flipped it. All the beatmakers out there, a lot of people know but a lot of people don’t, it was [Zapp & Roger’s] “Computer Love” filtered and I’m drumming it up on top then I’m letting some keys and stuff. Then after the beat is done, I had this idea, I was listening to Redman’s album (Whut? Thee Album) heavy and on that joint there’s a track with Erick Sermon (“Watch Yo Nuggets”) where it goes “Heeeey Erick Sermon… Haaaaay.” So I’m like, just take the Hey and Hay and try it out. And that’s how we got that beat right there.

Due to his incarceration, 2Pac did not appear in the “Temptations” music video. It is set in a hotel where Ice-T plays the concierge and Coolio plays a bellboy who comes across a collection of celebrities, including Adina Howard, B-Real, Bill Bellamy, Cheryl “Salt” James, Crystal Waters, DJ Spinderella, Isaac Hayes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jasmine Guy, Kenya Moore, Shock G, Joe Torry, Taye Diggs, Treach, Warren G, and Yo-Yo.