The eighth track of as well as 6 Feet Deep’s third single. While the music and the theme seem dark, the actual lyrics tend to be cartoonish–a trademark of the Gravediggaz and the Horrorcore genre they created

The Gravediggaz often claimed that their goal was to ‘dig the graves of the mentally undead’ and to release people from ignorance, which they equated with death. Extending the analogy, a song urging listeners to commit suicide as absurdly as possible becomes a sarcastic suggestion that listeners embrace their ignorance. Poetic seemed to find this inevitable, and correctly predicted the effects of the commercialization of hip-hop, which is incidentally one of the underlying themes of 1-800-Suicide

While RZA’s verse is the most bombastic, Grym Reaper’s unique ghosty (but definitely not ghostfacey flow best defines the mood of the song.

In an interview Prince Paul described the process of producing and recording the track:

Well, I remember playing that beat for them and I really liked that beat, I made a few beats during that time that I was like “yo I really like this one I gotta record it.” I think I may have come up with the concept of suicide because I sampled the KRS-One thing in between, and they were like “yo this is crazy!” We recorded the vocals exactly how you hear, Frukwan came on first and I remember the guys were like “yo he nailed it, he nailed the concept, he nailed the vibe,” and that was his first take that you hear on the record. Then Poetic was like “yo watch what I got, I’m gonna go a little different on it” and he did the whole sing-songy part and I was like what?! That’s so nuts! Because the rhyme was crazy, the rhyme style was crazy. And then RZA kinda just reeled it on home, just going in with his Prince Rakeem style, but hardcore, hard. That was his first take.