The Antlers



Can you hear me when I'm trapped behind the mirror?
A doppelgänger roaring from my silent kind of furor?

If you're quiet, you can hear the monster breathing…
Do you hear that gentle tapping?
My ugly creature's freezing

And now's he howling, but I'm muted by the horror
How he's everywhere and waiting
Now he's just around the corner
Paranoia backward whispering on my shoulder
Like a wasp is getting nervous, so if I shiver… man, it's over

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About "Doppelgänger"

Continuing some of the themes from “Palace”, Doppelgänger is about how relentless self-doubt can creep in and ravage your self-confidence

Doppelgänger Track info

Label ANTI- Records
Vocals Peter Silberman
Trumpet Darby Cicci
Bass Darby Cicci
Recording Engineer Peter Silberman
Mastering Engineer Joe Lambert
Mixing Engineer Chris Coady
Guitar Peter Silberman
Keyboards Darby Cicci
Horns Jon Natchez
Drums Michael Lerner
Trombone Andrew Dunn
Cello Brent Arnold