-This song is off of Slaughterhouse’s self-titled album. It is the last track, number 15

-The song appears to have an original beat, with no known samples, neither on wikipedia nor on whosampled

-Royce seems to have the hardest hitting verse on the track. He puts a lot of emphasis in killing which is what they do in Slaughterhouses and that is what the group is all about

——The language usage by Royce makes it seem as though he’s speaking about murdering a track or someone on their own song, rather than killing an actual human being

-Joell Ortiz, by far, has the darkest verse. If you close your eyes and listen to it, you can feel the darkness as if the storm were happening outside of your window

-Crooked I’s verse is all about killing the beat. He wants to go as hard as he can and make sure he leaves the beat no life

-Joe Budden ends the track on a crazy note. It’s not quite clear what he focuses on, but craziness is definitely the tone he’s setting