On the lead single to his debut, Game makes his aim clear—to resurrect West Coast rap. By the 2000s, rappers from the East and South rose to prominence and overshadowed the West. Game and Dr. Dre planned a comeback however by telling the “Westside Story.”

Built around a sample of Whodini’s 1984 record “Freaks Come Out at Night," Dre went heavy on the production by featuring the iconic West Coast bounce. Game discussed the song in an interview with Complex:

It was supposed to go on the All About The Benjamins soundtrack. Dre was like, ‘Nah, this shit is too hard for the soundtrack, this the first song on the album.’ [That song was written in 2002 but] I never went back and edited the lyrics.

After The Documentary dropped, 50 Cent—who is featured—claimed he wrote six of the 18 tracks on the album, including this one. This led to a decade-long feud between Game and 50. Regarding 50’s claims, Game told Complex:

Wasn’t none of them shits 50’s records. 50 came in after all of the records were already damn near done and he put his 50 Cent on them.