Mr. Rager

Mr. Rager

Kid Cudi

A ballad for Mr. Rager, Cudi’s impulsive persona and the title character of his second album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

I think the New York Times has a pretty interesting take on this song:

In “Mr. Rager” he imagines himself as a role model telling kids about his adventures… as Kid Cudi sings, “I’m on my way to heaven” — not saying whether it’s via rapture or death.

The meaning of this song, particularly the music video, has been highly debated. However, most can agree there are two different Cudi’s in the video.

View 1: Mr. Rager is the Cudi in black (the addicted one), and he destroys what’s left of the old Cudi, and the persona of Mr. Rager lives on.

View 2: Mr. Rager is the Cudi in brown. The building is his body/life, which has been almost destroyed by himself and drugs. Mr. Rager, the addicted Cudi, is attempting to break back into his life again, which the new Cudi (black jacket) has recently regained control of (he was clean of coke when writing Mr. Rager). The people Mr. Rager fights are actually his friends (including Ye at 4:20) who are trying to help him (notice how none of them actually fight back, they just try to restrain him), but Mr. Rager fights against their help (as many drug addicts do). The 1 girl is in fact Jaime and the dust is a simple metaphor for the past (as she left him because of his poor decisions and drug abuse). In the end, only Cudi himself, can vanquish his own addiction and own self (Mr. Rager).