What Happened to That Boy?

What Happened to That Boy?

Birdman (Ft. Clipse)

A classic Birdman / Clipse coke anthem; also the song that popularized “Brrrrrrrr!”

Birdman is widely rumored to have paid for the 1997 murder of the rapper Yella Boy, who was in the rap group U.N.L.V., a group Baby had released from his Cash Money label.

While there are all sorts of wild theories for the motive, the most reliable-looking analysis of the rumor comes from Amoeba Music blogger Eric Brightwell, who writes:

U.N.L.V. were let go from Cash Money but didn’t go quietly. Yella Boy supposedly pistol-whipped Baby and shot holes in one of his trucks as it was parked in front of the Melpomene projects. In April, after having bought some dope from a certain D-boy, Yella Boy was shot and killed in his vehicle while parked near Washington and Dryades. He was only 22 years old. Cash Money moved on.