Minority Report

Minority Report

JAY-Z (Ft. Ne-Yo)

This song was a dedication to those who suffered and died during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Despite not being a single, a video was released for MTV’s Black History Month in 2006.

It features Ne-Yo who was one of Jay Z’s first signings as Def Jam president.

Jay spoke extensively about the hurricane in his book Decoded.

I couldn’t forget that those were my kin out there in New Orleans, and that, forget the Government, I was supposed to do something to help them. I got together with Puffy and we donated a million dollars to the relief effort, but we donated it to the Red Cross, which is barely different from donating to the government itself, the same government that failed those people. Who knows how much of that money actually made it to the people on the ground?

During Jay’s Heart of the City tour he would regularly play the track with a backdrop of Obama, making the message clear.