Fuck Compton

Fuck Compton

Tim Dog

A diss by the old school Bronx rapper directed at the newly famous West Coast rap scene, especially the group NWA. Tim Dog never claimed to have been instigated by a personal slight and speaks only as an outside observer of the group and everything they stand for. Later Tim Dog would say that he was mainly frustrated by the level of attention that record labels were placing on the West Coast at the expense of more historically developed New York scene

Eazy-E never responded but there were some digs at Tim Dog on Dr. Dre’s seminal album The Chronic, including a scathing verse by Snoop Dogg on Fuck Wit Dre Day.

The Hip Hop world mostly moved on to focus on NWA’s internal struggles, but the coastal resentment expressed here would re-emerge soon in the form of the legendary East Coast vs. West Coast feud, of which this is seen as a precursor today

Produced by Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic, the beat is basically a reworking of Ultra’s underground classic A Chorus Line