“Beach Chair” is the final song of Jay-Z’s 2006 post-retirement album Kingdom Come.

Jay spoke on the beginnings of the track in Decoded:

I was on vacation when I started writing “Beach Chair”. This was after my semi-retirement and I was really trying to sit back for the first time and get off the grind for a minute. I wanted to write a song that matched my mood, a song about the good life. But almost immediately, the song went left. It begins with the line “Life is but a dream to me” but turns into a meditation on ambition and the laws of the universe, on questions I can still only ask but not fully answer. It’s a song I regard as one of the hidden jewels in my catalog. Some people love the song, but others find it confusing and out of character. I tried to get deep inside the conflicted mind of the hustler.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin sings the chorus to this song. This song was referenced in Kanye West’s “Big Brother”

The often repeated line “Life is But a Dream” would also become the title of Beyoncé’s auto-documentary released on HBO in 2013.